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RTV clothing available at WareHaus!

Hello all,


As you might have noticed, our Ebay store is no longer. But the good news is, Rag Trade Vintage clothing is now available at WareHaus boutique!

If you would like to request a specific item, you can still email me at

I hope this year is the best!



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How I love New York

Hello readers,

Apologies for my lack of postings lately. I just got back from a very memorable and wonderful trip to New York City, my favorite place in the world.

We took thousands of pictures, here’s a few favorites


What a great gang, I can’t wait to go back!

Places to go eat in NYC (places I went) checklist:

Alice’s Tea Cup (so many teas!)

Billies Bakery (Apparently, the best carrot cake in the whole world, according to Jon)

BabyCakes (So yumm, vegan and gluten-free bakery)

Shake Shack (Shroom burgers, delicious right in Madison Square Park)

Doma (great coffee house)

L’Ecole (the restaurant of the French Culinary Institute)


There’s my trip in all its glory…




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Letter of Reflection


From: youwillneverwastemytime

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Upcoming Movies (Trailers)

Alice, Ive been waiting for you’re trailer to come out for months. Lets hope Tim lives up to our expectations, but as I can see from the trailer he already is fulfilling them.

Paper Heart just looks like an absolutely adorable chick-flick-make-your-heart-melt-fall-in-love-film and Ill probably go see it with all of my sisters licking raspberry lollipops and worrying too much about how my hair looks.

Where the Wild Things Are is one of those movies that will probably make you think and dream more.



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Living with the Gypsies

Possibly one of the best Editorials I’ve ever seen.

kate moss
vmagazine issue #61


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Save the Polariod.


Happy Friday.

If you haven’t heard, The Impossible Project has teamed up with U.O. to bring back Polaroids. Polaroid announced in 2008 that they were ceasing production of instant film. Photographers all over the world (like myself)  mourned and hoped that someone would do something about it.


Here are some favorites:

wgtis0juliana as nico polaroid1290902564_d91f09788c




Available are these  “Without you I am Nothing” shirts to help support The Impossible Project, and all proceeds from every sale go towards running the factory.

Have a good Friday! ♥


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Jared Gold – The Class Clown

I’ve been searching around for some up and coming designers with curious fashion instincts.

Here’s a designer to watch out for. He’s bright, brave and kooky. Gold’s work is characterized by vivid reds and pinks, outlandish accessories, and the audacity required to outfit models with accouterments such as marionettes and Beetlejuice-style makeup. His collections are based in antiquated imagery, and use Victorian sewing details.


“I want my clothes to create that feeling you get from good music….”  -Gold


Gold is the founder and lead designer of his clothing company, Black Chandelier. And despite the crazy styles that are shown on the runway, he actually has quite a few very fashionable and wearable items. Here are photos from his line Pink Chandelier, clothing for children:


So there we have it. Adorable, yes?

Remember to register Ebay accounts if you don’t have one, Ebay store will be opening very soon for Rag Trade Vintage Clothing to be available.


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