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MMMM, Home Cooking

This morning when I woke up I decided I needed to do a little baking or cooking. So first, I found a really easy recipe for home made pop-tarts, mmmmmmmm! I had an irresistible craving for them.


Although, I didn’t just get straight to the kitchen. First, I went to a lovely place called Antique Alley where I nearly got lost in the maze of antique stores and rooms. It was amazing how much stuff was in there! I found some really cute vintage aprons. They had red and white stripes or heart-shaped pockets on the hips or were bright colors with flowers and lace all over, so, I got those. Then, I found a wall of  old cook books and bake books. They were more like pamphlets and were in zip lock bags probably to prevent them from aging any more, but it looked to me like they were already falling apart. I bought three of them anyways, and discovered they were all from around 1973. I think ill test out of recipes from them another day.


What girl doesn’t love baking? So here we go with one of the simplest recipes ever, and no-offense to Kellogg, but these are way better tasting than the boxed-up store bought tarts.


…and they were sooooo good! I love this! What should I make next?

I’m thinking that Rag Trade Vintage will now carry vintage aprons as well. Keep checking back for updates on when the line will be launched, and the clothes up for grabs.



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