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Jared Gold – The Class Clown

I’ve been searching around for some up and coming designers with curious fashion instincts.

Here’s a designer to watch out for. He’s bright, brave and kooky. Gold’s work is characterized by vivid reds and pinks, outlandish accessories, and the audacity required to outfit models with accouterments such as marionettes and Beetlejuice-style makeup. His collections are based in antiquated imagery, and use Victorian sewing details.


“I want my clothes to create that feeling you get from good music….”  -Gold


Gold is the founder and lead designer of his clothing company, Black Chandelier. And despite the crazy styles that are shown on the runway, he actually has quite a few very fashionable and wearable items. Here are photos from his line Pink Chandelier, clothing for children:


So there we have it. Adorable, yes?

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