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Box of Old “Love” Letters

Create Your Own Boxgirl_with_heart


Cardboard cigar box.


Hot Glue Gun. ♥

Embossed paper doily place mats – you might need 3-4.

Lace, cut-outs, ticket stubs, anything your heart desires.


1) Paint the cardboard box – you may want 2-3 coats of paint on there

2) Carefully cut the place mats to fit on the sides of the box and glue down

3) Decoupage the lace  down, and anything else you want to design your box with

4) Use the paints to add a little finishing touch

5) Ta-da! You’re done. Now fill up with everything you want to keep near your heart. Especially old love letters, my favorite.

Note: While reading though them make sure to listen to good music for the full effect.



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