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Miss Blackbirdy’s View On How To Create Original Fashion

Miss Blackbirdy (Merel Boers) is the future of fashion. She is a new breed of designer who mixes street art with haute couture in her beautiful, delicately designed creations, all of which feature in her fantasy ‘Miss Blackbirdy World’.

As I’m sitting in my kitchen this morning, I’m reading about this new and upcoming designer – Miss Blackbirdy. She grew up in Amsterdam, loves Tim Burton movies and cheese salads and has one of the most innovative views on fashion that I’ve ever seen. Her designs are a combination on fashion and drawings.

“I might draw a blouse on a piece of paper and then stitch the lines with a sewing machine. Then its like you can wear a drawing. I make whole collections by bringing 3D lines into 2D drawings.” – Miss Blackbirdy

Miss Blackbirdy

Miss Blackbirdy

So this got me thinking, fashion is really just another branch of art, and I had never really thought of it like that before. Putting together a piece of clothing can be almost like making an exquisite painting or composing a song. We’re all playing the same game of making something that makes your heart melt to be in it’s same space.

“This is the way I always work. I begin with a story. I sketch little figures on white paper. I see a figure and then I create a life around her and an environment; a world in which she lives. This is where I get the inspiration for the print and the design of the collection.Like when a girl spilt some ink on her dress and a bird flew out…” -Miss Blackbirdy

Shes making art come to life, fashion and art are interchangeable here.




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