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To be Vegan or Not To be Vegan? EAT TO LIVE.

So, I go for a visit the other weekend to my parents house and they tell me that they have decided to go Vegan. This is completely random and not-so-expected out of my wonderful, yet somewhat conservative folks. My Dad says hes been reading this book, Eat to Live, and it has completely changed his life and what he thinks about food.

I love food, its one of my passions to attend culinary school and become a chef one day. Although, after browsing through some of the sections in this book, I’ve seriously considered the dietary change of becoming a Vegan and how is would affect me. Some of it really makes sense.

The Book.

Like, for instance, all the more fat that you take in through meat, fish, chicken and oils, which are useless calories, are not very nutritious after all.  It’s tough for the body to use the protein in those foods, and the fat that you wear on your hips and your belly is basically the fat that you eat.

Another fact is, that the 3 major killers in our society unique to North America are Diabeties, Heart Disease and Cancer. In conutries where they have less meat, they don’t have the same problems. But how can you help it eating the way most Americans do?

So, I’m still very undecided, tell me your thoughts on this subject and help me decide what path to choose.




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