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RTV clothing available at WareHaus!

Hello all,


As you might have noticed, our Ebay store is no longer. But the good news is, Rag Trade Vintage clothing is now available at WareHaus boutique!

If you would like to request a specific item, you can still email me at ragtradevintage@gmail.com

I hope this year is the best!



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Lina Scheynius Photography is…

so beautiful.

Shes captured some amazing shots.  Look at more here.

This ones alllllll ME


More vintage coming soon…


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Oh Zooey

Hello hello

We sold some very wonderful items last week, including a white daisy print one-piece that was really hard for me to let go.

I am seriously considering going blond. Ive had dark hair all my life, and although I love it, I’m actually really sick of it and want something new.

Look at these cute hair-cuts/colors




So I don’t know, still undecided. Tell me your opinions of what you think I should do!

Zooey, so pretty





Listen to Zooey sing in SHE and HIM, here

Everyone have a good morning/night wherever you are since I’m writing this post at 2:30 AM



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Block oh Block.

Wake up sunshine,

I have this new photo thing that I’ve been playing around with. Cute, huh?

“What shall we do, all of us? All of us passionate girls who fear crushing the boys we love with our mouths like caverns of teeth, our mushrooming brains, our watermelon hearts?” – FLB

Bunny ears? I’ve always been an Olsen twin fan.

Ughh, I need some coffee…

Have a great Wednesday,


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Labor Day

Good Morning Girls (and Boys)

The models and I had a very fun weekend shooting more Rag Trade Vintage with bubbles and delicious cupcakes for props that we devoured afterwards. (look for plenty more Ebay listings posted later today in the shop)

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from the shoot:


I have decided that Rag Trade Vintage will now carry a line of vintage aprons (available next week in the shop)

Romeo and Juliet, found here, The Dream Walking Society.

If you haven’t seen this, you should watch it.

My Labor Day Playlist:

Ani Difranco – Both Hands

Kate Nash – Mouthwash

The Pixies – Where is My Mind

Elliot Smith – 401597

Madeleine Peyroux – Between the Bars

Denali – Hold Your Breath

Enjoy relaxing music, take a bubble baths, make some tomato soup, and have a great labor day. xoxo


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Living with the Gypsies

Possibly one of the best Editorials I’ve ever seen.

kate moss
vmagazine issue #61


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Finally set a date for the Grand Opening of Rag Trade Vintage!


Alright ladies, (sorry, no gents clothing yet). Register your Eaby accounts and clear out some closet space. Rag Trade Vintage clothing will be available as of  SEPTEMBER 1st!

I’m very excited, lots of work to do. I apologize in advance if this blog is lacking over the next few days, and now you should know why.

Gear up, and i’ll write soon.


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